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Bread Basket Siloam Clinic Clint Belcher House of Recovery

The Clint Belcher House of Recovery was born out of a desire for a much needed, Christ-based alternative for drug and alcohol addictions in our community.

The Belcher House plan calls for 10 to 14 months of in-house training, searching and renewal that will have a combination of closed and open settings. The Center will provide physical needs, spiritual needs and leadership and guidance for each brother that is part of the plan. Major issues will be worked out in a one-on-one basis, but participants will be taught to work out issues in group settings also. These tools of living along with qualified curriculum from a variety of Christian sources combine to bring a complete change to the addicted man. One of the major points of Belcher House is the community involvement the men in the plan will be required to participate in. We want them out five to six days a week in our community as a group doing work for government agencies and for non-profit organizations. They need to ‘give back’ during their stay with us and the community needs to see them and see their progress. Please pray for this massive endeavor that our God would bless it from beginning to end.


The Clint Belcher House of Recovery

The Christ Centered Recovery meeting is a part of the Belcher House Recovery group of services offered in the Richmond community. Belcher House Recovery Center is a Christ-based addiction recovery plan. CCR meetings are traditional 12 step meetings with a heavenly perspective. We believe the root of all unnatural addiction is sin and that the only answer for the cost of sin is Jesus Christ. It is our firm foundational belief that we all are to be “addicted” to Jesus Christ and when we place anything or anyone else in that position, our lives spin out of control. We use the Life Recovery New Living Translation Bible © in our meetings and incorporate the principals that God’s Word lays out for us to follow. If attendees commit to attending at least 26 meetings in one year, they receive one of these wonderful bibles free. Since 2002 we have given away over 300 bibles through this program. CCR meetings are the beginning for Belcher House Recovery Center offerings and many more will be coming. Watch this site for more information.


Christ Centered Recovery Meetings

Click here to Download a ZIP file of material to start your own CCR meetings